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Mental Fitness and Relationship Practitioner

Nima Sedigh

Relationship Practitioner | Mind Practice
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Nima stands at the forefront of education for mental fitness and happiness, providing practical paths for those seeking reduced stress, enhanced inner serenity, and more fulfilling relationships.

Through a dynamic blend of practical techniques and daily practices, Nima empowers you to elevate your daily experience to new heights of fulfillment and joy.

Nima is a trained Emotional Intelligence and Positive Intelligence practitioner specialising in mental fitness, human relationships, choice-making, stress management, and happiness based on the latest research in neuroscience.

Nima is on a powerful quest to infuse joy into the lives of others. With a steadfast dedication, Nima crafts impactful daily practices and pragmatic strategies designed to enhance mental well-being and cultivate lasting inner peace.

Nima has led multiple teams in business transformational projects in the past 20 years. His passion for people helped him better understand the intricacies of human relationships and the daily challenges people face.

Nima is inspirational, approachable, friendly and energetic. People trust him because he is passionate with deep empathy and curiosity. He is a great listener and genuinely cares.

“We all have the inherent wisdom that puts us in the best position to know our unique needs and wiring; however, in overcoming life challenges, our wisdom is often chained to our fears, doubts, paradigms, and mind barriers.
Improving our mind diet and weakening our mind blocks by daily mind practices will help us experience more positive emotions and less negative emotions, enhancing our love life, relationships and career.”
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