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Mind Practice Gym

Revitalise Peace, Energy, and Relationships

Designed to fit seamlessly into even the busiest schedules, Mind Practice provides simple daily exercises, ranging from Mindfulness, self-love, and gratitude to empathy, communication, and confidence, that improve relationships significantly.

What sets Mind Practice apart is its foundational belief in the accessibility and simplicity of mental exercises. By focusing on the power of consistent, small actions, Mind Practice empowers individuals to cultivate a healthier mind, leading to better decision-making, improved relationships, and a more fulfilling life.

Mind Practice is the leading provider of premium mental fitness and emotional intelligence solutions for busy people who want to eliminate stress, frustration and tiredness and feel more inner peace, energy and joy in their lives and relationships without wasting thousands on ineffective programs, with only a few minutes of daily exercise.

Nima is Australia's top authority for mental fitness.

Nima stands at the forefront of mental fitness education, providing practical paths for those seeking fulfilling relationships, sustainable mental health, reduced stress, enhanced energy, balance and success.

After studying human behaviour and emotional intelligence for 20 years, Nima has created hundreds of simple, quick, yet effective mind exercises for sustaining mental fitness.

Nima is an entrepreneur who founded Mind Practice Gym, a premium gym for the mind that brings healthier minds and relationships to our families and community.

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