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Mind Practice Gym

Mental and Emotional Fitness, Happier Relationships

Designed to fit seamlessly into even the busiest schedules, Mind Practice provides simple daily mind exercises, ranging from Mindfulness, self-love, and gratitude to empathy, communication, and confidence, that improve relationships significantly.

What sets Mind Practice apart is its foundational belief in the accessibility and simplicity of mind exercises. By focusing on the power of consistent, small actions, Mind Practice empowers individuals to cultivate a healthier mind, leading to better decision-making, improved relationships, and a more fulfilling life.

Mind Practice is the leading provider of premium mental fitness and emotional intelligence solutions for busy people who want to eliminate stress, frustration and tiredness and feel more inner peace, energy and joy in their lives and relationships without wasting thousands on ineffective programs, with only a few minutes of daily exercise.

Nima is Australia's top authority for mental and emotional fitness.

Nima stands at the forefront of mental fitness and emotional intelligence education, offering practical paths for those seeking fulfilling relationships, sustainable mental health, reduced stress, enhanced energy, balance, and success.

With over 20 years of experience studying human behaviour and emotional intelligence, Nima has developed hundreds of simple, quick, yet effective mind exercises to sustain mental and emotional fitness.

Nima is a published author of Mind Practice: Emotional Fitness Guide, a book you wouldn't read once but every day.

An entrepreneur and the founder of Mind Practice, Nima has created a premium mind gym that promotes healthier minds and relationships within families and communities.

Raised in a warm and loving family, Nima faced health challenges and pain as a child, which built his resilience. In his twenties, he harnessed the power of his mind to regain his health. During his teenage years, his father’s bankruptcy and the subsequent leaving of his mother made life difficult for Nima, shaping his resolve and determination.

Despite these challenges, Nima started a loving relationship, got married, and built a loving family with his son, Ryan, while supporting his mother. However, in his forties, life’s difficulties led to the dissolution of his marriage. Nima remained steadfast in his role as a father, ensuring Ryan received the love and support he deserved.

Reflecting on his marriage, Nima realised that his wife's departure, despite her deep love for him, was due to his neglect in nurturing their relationship. His focus on financial worries after Ryan's birth had distanced him from his wife, causing their bond to slowly deteriorate. Despite his extensive knowledge of psychology and human behaviour, Nima was unaware of this shift at the time.

Nima learned that maintaining mental and emotional fitness is crucial for navigating life's challenges. He believes that if he had known and practised the mind exercises he crafted, his marriage would have survived.


Nima found love again, and his emotional fitness is keeping him happy, connected and fulfilled.

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