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Improve your mental fitness, health and relationships

Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness | Mind Practice
Mind Self-Assessment

Mind Self-Assessment is an excellent start to improving your mental fitness. It gives you an insight into the current state of your mental wellbeing, mind diet, and mind blocks. Mind Self-Assessment is not a psychological, personality test, or character assessment. We recommend a personalised one-on-one consultation session to understand the Mind Self-Assessment report, what it means for you, and your options to improve your mental health and fitness. Click on the Mind Self-Assessment for a free assessment. It is free and takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Mind Diet

Like physical fitness, you need a good diet for your mind, which I call a mind diet. At the core of your mind diet are mindfulness, good thoughts (the way you think), good words (the words you use), and Gratitude. At Mind Practice, you will learn practical techniques for adopting a healthy mind diet.

Mind Blocks

Mind blocks sabotage your happiness. They are strategies of your intuitive mind in overcoming life challenges that are helpful; however, when taken too far, they become a need in your mind, which will have a reverse effect and become barriers to your happiness and success. The main mind blocks are: Perfectionism, Control, Avoid, Please, Victim. At Mind Practice, you will learn practical techniques to identify and weaken your mind blocks.

Impulsive Judgement

Impulsive judgment is one of the main causes of negative emotions, relationship issues, and poor decision-making. At Mind Practice, you will learn practical techniques and exercises to reduce your impulsive judgment.


The more you experience positive emotions, and the less you experience negative emotions, the happier you live. If you often feel stress and anxiety or tension in your body or experience negative emotions, you need to improve your mental fitness.

Maintaining a good level of mental fitness will boost your energy. Mental fitness is the same as physical fitness but for your mind. Mental fitness enables you to adapt to change, stay calm in challenging situations, manage your emotions, inhibit impulsive responses, and shift from negative to positive emotions quicker. Mental fitness helps you think clearly, manage stress, build happier relationships, and respond to life challenges more effectively.

I will teach you practical techniques to maintain a good level of mental fitness, which will help you experience more joy in your life and improve your relationships.

Mental Health and Well-being

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