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Effective and daily practices for healthy relationships

Happier Relationships

Relationship Coach | Mindpractice
Practice Caring Habits

Every moment in your interactions with others is an opportunity to practice caring habits like supporting, encouraging, listening, communicating, accepting, trusting, respecting, negotiating differences, vulnerability and openness. We provide practical practices in your relationships and daily interactions to turn down deadly habits such as blaming, criticizing or punishing and pick up caring habits.

Intercept your impulsive judgement

Your first response to an event is often followed by an impulsive judgement automatically processed by your mind based on past experiences. It’s life-changing and transformational in your overall mental well-being and relationships if you learn to inhibit your responses and intercept your impulsive judgements. It is a significant personal growth generating peace and happiness in you. It requires constant mind practice and care for your mind.

Express your feelings

It is crucial in relationships to express your feelings constructively to create synergy, empathy and mutual connection rather than resentment and arguments. By making simple changes to the way you express your emotions, you can transform your relationships. People sometimes dump their feelings onto someone else, which will be destructive in their relationship, for example, by saying, “You made me feel …”. Learn how to express your feelings to improve the quality of your relationships, for example, by using “I” statement rather than “You” statement: “I feel …”. It is a lot more to learn this vital skill to build happier relationships.

Dating with Curiosity

People often say, “As soon as I met her/him, I could immediately tell …”. When I ask why they had that perception, they say, “I know!”. They sometimes think it’s intuition, but it is often your impulsive judgement,  impairing your wisdom and intuition and sabotaging your dating and potential relationships. I provide practical techniques you can apply in your dating to clear your assumptions, explore the other person with open arms and mind, and make better choices.


Making happy relationships will require constant effort. I help individuals build and nurture healthy relationships with their loved ones through effective and practical daily practices. Learn to lead your impulsive judgements, perceptions, assumptions, and triggers to build happier relationships.

Learn about setting healthy boundaries, expressing your emotions, communicating your feelings, and cherishing and empowering your relationships. Choose to deepen your connections and build happier relationships.

Your mental fitness is crucial to your relationships. You need daily practice to maintain a good level of mental fitness and health. Mind Practice gives you practical exercises that take little time yet are highly effective in boosting your energy and quieting your mind, which will reduce your impulsive judgement, enhance your decision making and improve your responses.

Take a free Mind Self-Assessment to learn about your mental fitness.

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