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By using our website,, and/or using our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by our terms and conditions outlined below:

  1. Mind Self-Assessment report is a general guide based on your answers about the overall state of your mental well-being. Mind Self-Assessment is not a psychological, personality, or character assessment. We recommend a personalised one-on-one coaching session to understand the Mind Self-Assessment report and what it means for you. You may need specialised services from a specialist practitioner or psychologist.

  2. Mind Practice services, classes, sessions, events, and articles provide guidance and support in your life journey and do not guarantee future success or happiness, e.g., finding a relationship, a job, inner peace, or fulfilment. You are fully and solely accountable and responsible for all the choices and decisions you make for your happiness, success, relationships, career, and life.

  3. No refund is accepted once you are charged after the free trial of membership plans.

  4. You will be charged periodically for the purchased membership unless you cancel your membership before renewal. No refund is accepted after renewal.

  5. Each membership gives you a limited number of classes you can attend.

  6. You choose to book class sessions based on your availability, your needs, and your circumstances.

  7. You must change your booking beforehand if you cannot attend a booked session. You will miss one session if you don’t attend a booked session unless you change your booking beforehand. No make-up session is accepted.

  8. You may share personal and vulnerable information with others in group sessions. You are fully and solely accountable and responsible for choosing what to share. Mind Practice has no responsibility for the information you share and how others may use it.

Mind Practice
Sydney, Australia

Terms and Conditions

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