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Build healthy co-parenting patterns and create nurturing relationships with your children.

Co-parenting Counselling

Co-parenting counselling | Mindpractice
Co-parenting Relationship

After a separation, the dynamic of your relationship with your ex will change. The sooner you accept and adapt to new circumstances, the better for you and your children. Children sense their parents. If you don’t move on, they won’t either, creating stress or anxiety for children due to uncertainty in your relationship. To adapt quicker to new circumstances, you need daily practice; otherwise, it may take much longer. I provide practical techniques for co-parenting, establishing healthy boundaries, and communicating with your ex.

Parenting Plan

Verbal agreements often cause misunderstandings and may result in conflicts and damage your relationship, which will stress your children. A written parenting plan is a great way to document your parenting arrangements and agree on all the details. It will create peace. I help you negotiate and agree on a parenting plan.

Relationship with your new partner’s kids

A new partner may be a significant change for your children, especially when you move in together and live as a blended family. Building a good foundation right from the start in your relationship with your partner’s kids is crucial. I help you establish a good foundation for shaping your new blended family.


If you are separated and want to establish a healthy relationship with your ex to raise a bright child, you need to learn new skills in your co-parenting relationship.

Co-parenting aims to provide children with a stable and loving environment, even though their parents are no longer together. Co-parenting can be challenging, but parents must remember that their child's needs come first. I help co-parents agree on a parenting plan, establish healthy boundaries, and become a team in raising their children.

Your mental fitness is crucial to your relationship with your ex and children. You need daily practice to maintain a good level of mental fitness and health. Mind Practice gives you practical exercises that take little time yet are highly effective in boosting your energy and quieting your mind, which will reduce your impulsive judgement, enhance your decision making and improve your responses.

Take a free Mind Self-Assessment to learn about your mental fitness.

Parenting after separation

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