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Build happy teams and improve team performance and productivity.

Team building coaching

Team building in Sydney  | Mindpractice
Keynote Speaker

I provide insightful keynotes in mental fitness, team relationships, and leadership with practical exercises for organisations. I may tailor keynotes to organisations’ industries, cultures, and circumstances for the message to get across more effectively.

Team Relationships

Creating good relationships is at the core of teamwork. I help team members develop a deeper insight into human relationships and define daily practices for team members that will enhance team communication, collaboration, and rapport.

Conflict resolution

Conflict is inevitable in relationships and can help people learn and grow. Conflicts can deepen mutual trust and relationships if resolved well but break relationships if not managed well. It is crucial to deal with conflicts as soon as they arise. Avoiding conflicts could worsen the situation and significantly affect individuals or organisations, e.g., losing a job or a client. I guide teams or individuals to resolve conflicts, promoting trust and enhancing relationships.


The hardest and the most important thing for businesses is building an effective team that decides the company's future. Creating a happy and high-performing team is only achievable if team members' relationships are healthy. I help teams boost their energy by improving relationships, empathy, curiosity, innovation, communication, and collaboration, giving team members a sense of belonging and joy.

Your mental fitness is crucial to your relationships and performance at work. You need daily practice to maintain a good level of mental fitness and health. Mind Practice gives you practical exercises that take little time yet are highly effective in boosting your energy and quieting your mind, which will reduce your impulsive judgement, enhance your decision making and improve your responses.

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Build happy and effective teams

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