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Decision-making and productivity hacks for busy professionals and executives.

How to enhance mental fitness for better health, relationships, and success? How to overcome life challenges gracefully?

The impact of limiting beliefs on identity, behaviour and actions.

Imagine a facility where you can exercise your mind, where you can build the strength of your thoughts and feelings. This is no longer a figment of imagination. 

In a world that champions physical fitness, a crucial aspect often slips through the cracks: mental fitness. We know that a healthy mind also needs exercise, but where are the gyms to exercise our minds and tune up our thoughts, feelings, and relationships?

1. Self-Appreciation

Write down three qualities you appreciate about yourself. Reflect on how these qualities positively impact your life.

2. Cold and Warmth Energy Exchange.

Begin with 10 deep, slow breaths to relax your body. Visualise a wave of cold energy with each inhale, and imagine warming up that energy inside your body with each exhale. 

5 min / 10 min


1. Ease & Flow

Think of a past situation that felt difficult. Write down how you could have eased that situation. Reflect on one thing you could have done to make it feel easier and require less pushing of yourself or others.

2. Power Pose

Spend 2 minutes in a power pose: feet apart, hands on hips, chest out, and head held high. This stance is known to increase confidence and positively impact your mood and hormone levels.

10 min / 2 min


1. "I" Statements

Consider a need that you haven't expressed to someone close to you. Write down how you can communicate this need using "I" statements and plan to have this conversation respectfully and clearly, such as "I need to spend more time with you." Avoid using the "You" statement criticism and blaming language, such as "You don't spend time with me."

2. Controller to Surfer

Do your favourite mindfulness practice for 1 to 2 minutes, focusing on breathing or your senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch. Then, write down three circumstances in your life that you feel are hard and putting a lot of pressure on you. Think about how you can stop pushing and controlling and become a surfer. Visualise what being a surfer would look like in these situations.

5 min / 2 min


How it works

1. Register for Mind Gym (14-day FREE trial)

2. Complete a mental fitness online training course (FREE).

3. You will get two mind practices every day

4. All you need to do is practice it. Every Day

Sustain your mental health

In a world that champions physical fitness, a crucial aspect often slips through the cracks: mental fitness. We know that a healthy mind also needs mind exercise, but where are the mind gyms to exercise our minds and tune up our thoughts, feelings, and relationships?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This event is for individuals who care about their health, personal development enthusiasts, mental health practitioners, life coaches, corporate executives and HR professionals who care about their employees' well-being.
    This event is NOT for individuals needing personalised support or immediate crisis intervention. Individuals going through significant mental health crises should take personalised advice from a specialist.

  • The webinar will be LIVE. Be on-time so you don't miss out. The webinar will be recorded for quality purposes.

  • The event is free to give more people the opportunity to learn about the important topic of improving mental health and relationships.

  • Absolutely we recommend bringing your business partner or spouse with you.

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Disclaimer: This event is not for those who are going through significant mental health challenges or looking for Immediate crisis intervention. We recommend seeking professional help.

Renae Louise

Renae Louise, a beacon of compassion and light, serves as an Empowerment and Mindset Mentor, radiating a profound connection with individuals, stirring their inner flames, and urging them to transcend limitations.


Formerly engulfed in societal molds, she embarked on a transformative journey towards self-discovery, self-love, and entrepreneurship. Renae's fervent desire to effect change propels her to guide others in unlocking their potential and embracing lives of purpose and passion.


Championing the belief that everyone deserves abundance beyond societal constraints, she empowers women of diverse backgrounds to embrace their brilliance and unleash their true selves.

Mind Practice Founder/Speaker
Nima Sedigh

Nima is Australia's top authority for mental fitness.

Nima stands at the forefront of mental fitness education, providing practical paths for those seeking fulfilling relationships, sustainable mental health, reduced stress, enhanced energy, balance and success.

After studying human behaviour and emotional intelligence for 20 years, Nima has created hundreds of simple, quick, yet effective mind exercises for sustaining mental fitness.

Nima is an entrepreneur who founded Mind Practice Gym, a premium gym for the mind that brings healthier minds and relationships to our families and community.

Anjali Thakur

Anjali specialises in helping visionary leaders take massive action to achieve their goals by enhancing focus and daily energy levels. In her safe, nurturing environment, she encourages the exploration of unique gifts and traits, fostering personal growth and authenticity.


Her unique approach blends coaching, evidence-based theories, and ancient Indian spiritual practices, guiding clients to restore emotional balance and align with their intuition.


Anjali is dedicated to helping people radiate their most authentic selves and seamlessly flow towards their true purpose.

Our Speakers

Engage with inspirational speakers, the doers, who have exercised their minds, mastered mental fitness, and reaped the benefits.


Ignite Your Energy

Master Your Mental Well-being

Explore how to improve mental fitness and health. Learn practical methods to boost energy, shift limiting beliefs, and elevate capacity and productivity!

30 May | 2:00 - 3:30pm AEDT

30 May | 2:00 - 3:30pm AEDT